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Handmade Home-wares to Treasure

By Heidi @missfinn
I have a real love for handmade home-wares.   I can spend hours in  op-shops scouring shelves for stoneware, glassware.   Sometimes I can get very lucky by finding the odd designer piece that has been over-looked by a stylist or collector.
Bison Australia, Dinosaur Designs and La Chamba Colombian cookware are my all time favourites.
If ever you are lucky enough to own a piece of the lovingly handmade Bison stoneware, make sure you hold on to it forever because these pieces are sure to be collector's items.
Handmade Home-wares to TreasureBison Julie bowls 
Handmade Home-wares to TreasureBison milk jugs 
Handmade Home-wares to TreasureBison pinch pots 
Handmade Home-wares to TreasureBison sugar pots
Their color palette is beautiful, certainly it has got to be part of the reason I am so drawn to Bison.  
Dinosaur Designs are an iconic Australian brand.  The bold and vibrant colours are so gorgeous it's hard to pick out a favorite.  
Handmade Home-wares to Treasure
Handmade Home-wares to Treasure
Handmade Home-wares to Treasure
Handmade Home-wares to Treasure
It was instant love for this Colombian black clay cookware when I saw Nigella Lawson using it on one of her shows.  I was hooked, I couldn't get it out of my head.  Turns out La Chamba cookware is handmade in Colombia and thanks to the internet, I can buy it online, but it is also widely available in good kitchenware stores.Handmade Home-wares to TreasureHas anyone else been lucky enough to find an exceptional piece of home-wares in an op-shop or flea-market?H
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