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Halloween - WW

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
I never dressed up on went trick or treating as a kid.  My parents were just not in to it.  
My boys though, are totally for the dressing up of it all.  Even the little guy let us put whiskers on his face.
Halloween - WW
Little J wouldn't even let us carry him, we didn't even think about offering to carry his candy basket.  That would have been total blasphemy.
Master M had piratitude. He wouldn't let me give him a beard and mustache though, but he was still a mean swashbuckler. 
Halloween - WW
It's great to let my boys enjoy some of the things I missed out on as a kid. 
Halloween - WW
Naturally, we let them have a few pieces of candy before bedtime, and I mean a few, literally.  I'm talking about two pieces each.  
I can't help it, I'm a little strict when it comes to candy and junk food.  The boys got a ridiculous amount of candy, which we will be rationing for the remainder of the year.
How do you manage your kids' Halloween candy?

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