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* Halloween {trick-or-treat} 2013

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
OK... Here is the last installment of my Halloween novel! I figure that I better get this up before Christmas comes around! ;) Even though I still have half the summer to recap and everything we have been up to this Fall. Oh well, onto Halloween day...
Avrie and I hung out around the house, working, like any usual Thursday afternoon. One thing different though- Avrie did not take her usual nap. I have NO IDEA why she didn't want to nap this day- skipping a nap during the week is pretty rare for her. So instead of a good 2-2.5 hour nap she had about an hour of "rest time" in her room in bed.
* Halloween {trick-or-treat} 2013 [all dressed up again!]
It was early evening when we headed down to Woodbury for "Trick-or Treating" at Grandpa Billy's house. We were also meeting up with Auntie and Gabriel too! So we dressed Avrie up one last time this year as the very cute, Very Hungry Caterpillar and headed out the door- Aaron and I had hopes of her getting a mini car nap for our 45 minute drive, but NOPE, no such luck!
* Halloween {trick-or-treat} 2013
We hung out in Grandpa Billy's garage eating treats, taking pictures, playing with the puppies and hanging out with Gabriel & Auntie. Then when "no nap" Avrie showed face, she ended up being just WAY TOO crabby for our taste. We packed up, said out goodbyes and headed out the door. Our next stop for the night was Millers {aka Tavern} in Lino. I wanted to visit with Linda as she was covering my usual Thursday evening shift for me.
* Halloween {trick-or-treat} 2013
For our drive to Millers we had about 35 minutes from Woodbury- another chance for a cat nap. She did end up getting a little shut eye, for seriously about 11 minutes. Which was OK b/c by now it was about 6:30pm. Linda was SO nice in having some Halloween treats & goodies for Avrie. Avrie still talks about her coloring books from "Winda"
* Halloween {trick-or-treat} 2013
Mom & Paul joined us for dinner too- after we were done with dinner and Avrie had inspected the bathroom approx 7 times, we decided to get going so that we could make it to our last Halloween stop before home. We made a stop by the neighbors (Shelby & Kyle's) and ended up hanging out with them and their neighbors until about 10:30pm! Avrie had a great time playing with 4 year old Zoe, seeing that she had finally pepped up a little, figures, the little night owl! Avrie toured around checking out all the toys and sneaking in some candy, chips & treats when she thought we weren't watching!
* Halloween {trick-or-treat} 2013 [11pm Halloween night]
It was a rainy night hanging with out our lil' no nap toddler BUT she had a great time on Halloween (no doubt thriving from my Halloween excitement) eating treats, making new friends and showing off her cute costume one last time! .... and so this ends all of our 2013 Halloween fun!

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