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Halloween Rules + a Halloween Miracle.

By Agadd @ashleegadd

We couldn’t think of anything better for Everett to be for Halloween than his own personal hero: Elmo. Thanks to a Target Cartwheel deal a few weeks ago, I only spent $15 on the costume, a total steal when you consider the photo opportunities. I even splurged on an $8 Elmo trick-or-treat bucket because, well, I’m really into matching accessories.

I let him wear the headpiece a few times, and without any adverse reaction, assumed I had nothing to worry about.

Halloween rule #1 – Do not make assumptions.

I decided to put Ev in the Elmo costume on Wednesday…..a dress rehearsal if you will. All was calm and cheery until I stuffed his first leg into the furry red pant, at which point he started crying. I tried to move faster, singing to him and distracting him as best I could, but nothing worked. The further his little body got into the costume, the louder he screamed. Shrieking echoed throughout the house.

I gave up.

Halloween rule #2 – Know when to call it quits.

Brett came home a few hours later and upon hearing the news, assured me that he would be able to get Everett in the costume.

“Have at it, sweetheart,” I said with a smile.

Brett tried and failed; I applauded his efforts.

Halloween rule #3 – Release your expectations.

I accepted the fact that I would not get a good picture of Everett in his Elmo costume. A single tear was shed.

Halloween rule #4 – Improvise.

We emptied Everett’s closet and laid everything on the floor, grasping at straws. We had tons of half-costumes: half a sailor, half a cowboy, half a pilot. If we had the clothes, we didn’t have the accessories. If we had the accessories, we didn’t have the clothes. Desperate to avoid another trip to Target, I finally pieced together a hockey player outfit…..

This is what Everett wore for the first half of the day, to music time and a backyard party. At music time there was another little boy named Arthur who was dressed as Elmo. Everett was starstruck. Completely enamored, he followed that boy around all morning. It was funny in a sad and ironic kind of way.

We came home, ate lunch, and then Everett took a nap. I started writing this post. I decided that this post would be a lot funnier if I included a picture of Everett crying in his Elmo costume because I’m a really good mom and my priorities are straight like that. So when he woke up, we tried to put the costume back on, JUST TO GET A PICTURE OF HIM CRYING IN IT, but no such luck. He was completely fine.

Halloween rule #5 – Forget all the other rules. TAKE A FAMILY PHOTO IMMEDIATELY.

Halloween rule #6 – Take 400 pictures; instagram the best one.

I still don’t know what happened. Wednesday he hated the Elmo costume; Thursday he tolerated it. Maybe we owe it all to Arthur at music time who paved the way for young Elmos everywhere. Whatever the case, I’m thankful that my money was well spent this year because PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES.

We had a fun night trick-or-treating with our friends and eating way too much candy. Everett stayed in his Elmo costume the entire time, and it was nothing short of a Halloween miracle.

The end.

How was your Halloween?

p.s. Everett’s first Halloween

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