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Halloween Party Ideas at Party Options

By Partyoptions

Spooks and Ghouls and Gobbledegook’s!  Get your Halloween party ideas at Party Options.  We have a huge range of Halloween party products to make your celebrations frighten the fearless, offering you a vast array of Halloween party ideas.  This is our favorite time of year and we plan on partying, pranking and of course playing with pumpkins!  Not only can we offer you the finest selection of Halloween party paraphernalia but over the next few weeks we will be bringing to you our hints and tips for the perfect Halloween. We will share our favorite Halloween games and activities, trick or treat hints and tips and some ghoulish food and recipe ideas to ensure you have a spookily scary party!

Firstly you need to organize your party! This is a great time of year to have a big party that both adults and children can get really involved in.  Start sending out your invitations now giving everyone plenty of notice. The more notice you give them more time they have to get their costumes ready! Everyone can really go to town on costumes for Halloween so why not have a fancy dress competition?  We even have Halloween costume awards that you can present to the lucky winners!

Why not turn a room of your house into a witch’s lair, a pumpkin palace or a ghoulish graveyard? A darkened room tented with some inexpensive black fabric or a few of our table cloths would make the perfect backdrop for your party venue.  Fill your room with creepy crawlies and hanging bats, cover your windows with scary faces. Scatter the room with eye ball and spider web balloons and don’t forget the pouncing rat which will really give your guests a fright!  Don’t just do the party room though, make sure your guests are scared out of their wits before they even get inside. We have window and door decorations and you can put up outside or in your porch.

Lay your table fit for a freaky feast with a black table cloth scattered with ghostly or pumpkin confetti. We have a selection of themed tableware to suit the occasion. Choose from Glowing Pumpkin, Vampire Party, Halloween Bones or Spooky Smiles . So with your invitations sent, your party planned and venue decorations organised, don’t forget to check back here next week when we will be giving you some more great Halloween party ideas.  Our next post will be Halloween games and activities!

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