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By Livingnotes @livingnotesnyc
HALLOWEEN COSTUMES? Jordan knows it all! My creativity gets a writer's block every time when it comes to Halloween costumes, hence my absolute love for Jordan's smart and unique ideas. I've discovered Oh, Happy Day years ago, and it's my regular go-to for many party ideas, but an absolute must when it comes to Halloween costumes. Witches and such are cute, no questions, but these very smart costumes are a ten steps above everything there is a year in and a year out, and are easy to do with just the items you have on hand already ( which is such a bonus for me when it comes to brainstorming for two costumes per person - parties and all, you know ) Head on over to here for more costume ideas and , most importantly - step by step instructions on how to put them together within 5 minutes ( crazy awesome, right?!)
HALLOWEEN COSTUMES? Jordan knows it all!HALLOWEEN COSTUMES? Jordan knows it all!HALLOWEEN COSTUMES? Jordan knows it all!HALLOWEEN COSTUMES? Jordan knows it all! On a different note, please, send me some good vibes and wishes. We've discovered that the brand new MacBook Pro had a serious problem, resulting in about 18 900 pictured being currently trapped on it from the two weeks worth of some serious photo work. There is a genetic defect ( the fancy name a servicing professional placed on it) on the processor, and while it is wonderful to know that the computer can simply be swapped for a new working one, it doesn't help the fact that all our efforts in the entire last week to transport the pictures or back them up failed so far. Unfortunately, I've attributed the slow processing speeds to the large amount of high resolution original photos and continued to work as usual. The good news is that there are only two weeks that aren't currently backed up, the really bad news is that the 18 900+ pictures trapped are the some of the best ones I've had capturing many very significant moments. The timing, of course, is "perfect" as usual, topping off the last two weeks we had dealing with E's health. So, good wishes are much appreciated. Now and always...

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