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Halloween Chaos

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
We invited several other girls to come trick or treating with our girls. We had a plan and we're ready to go, but it rained all day. Right before the scheduled meeting time there was a flurry of phone calls. We decided to stick with the plan, adding umbrellas and rain boots to the mix.
The girls hung out for a bit before heading out. The rain slowed to a drizzle when the girls decided it was time to go. There was a pack of brightly colored rain coats on giggly girls on our front porch when Daddy put Holly on a leash. A minute later the whole pack was out knocking on doors.
The rain stopped and started and stopped and started. The girls kept trick or treating. When they decided they needed to warm up and dry off they all came back to our house. Within minutes it was a mess of costume parts, dripping rain coats, drying rain boots and giggling girls.
It was chaos and it was great. The girls sat at the dining room table trading Halloween treats. A bit later they ate pizza and talked about class. They laughed and argued and ate. They ran to the door to hand out treats whenever our doorbell rang.
Later the blond twin and Erin went out for a second round of trick or treating. The brunette twin, Ayanna and JaHee decided to stay home and play. They ran upstairs and disappeared into the girls' room.
Yesterday I received two emails telling me how much fun the girls had on Halloween. Both moms said their girls couldn't stop talking about it. Our girls said it was the best Halloween ever.
This might be a new Halloween tradition at our house. It was chaos, and everyone had fun. It might be the best way to spend Halloween.

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