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[Tangy candy in a hand-carved Hawaiin monkeywood bowl.]

Halloween weekend was enjoyable, but pretty relaxed.  We are traveling next weekend and wanted to take it easy.  Friday night, we went back to the pumpkin patch for some fresh outdoor deco, got a pizza, and came home to watch a horror movie.  Saturday, we went to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Charlotte's renowned NoDa district.  I briefly dressed up for work on Monday and bought a giant bag of candy on the way home for any trick-or-treaters that night.  Final count: 0.  My dentist thanks you.


[The marquee of The Neighborhood Theatre.]


[Halloween cards from my mom (right) and aunt (left).]



[Pumpkin hunting attire: Express top and jacket, Eddie Bauer jeans, handmade feather earrings, Michael Kors boots]

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