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Hakka Stuffed Tofu (客家酿豆腐)

By Vivianpangkitchen @vivianpangkitch
Hakka Stuffed Tofu (客家酿豆腐) Pin It
Stuffed tofu is a very common in Hakka dishes. Me as Hakka used to eat since I was little. Besides tofu my mom used to stuff the pork filling into brinjal (her favourite!) and chilies. Sometimes I use ladies fingers and bittergout too. At first the stuffed tofu or vegetable are being fried. Then cook and braise in sauce for more flavor. 

Normally I use oyster sauce and sugar in braising sauce. But in 快乐厨房magazine, authentic Hakka stuffed tofu only use soya sauce as seasoning. So I tried its version. Hope you like this humble Hakka stuffed tofu dish. 

Hakka Stuffed Tofu (客家酿豆腐)
Reference from 快乐厨房magazine  Hakka stuffed tofu
2-3 firm tofu (豆干) Some corn flour for dusting
100g minced pork
1 teaspoon grated ginger
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon soya sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon corn flour
~Braising sauce
1 teaspoon soya sauce
150ml water
Methods: ~Preparation 1. Cut firm tofu into 4 equal squares. Cut a square in center (but not cut through) with a knife. Use a small spoon scoop out tofu to make a square hole for stuffing. Keep the tofu pieces and use as part of filling. 

2. For filling, put tofu pieces, minced pork and all the seasoning into mixing bowl. Stir till well combine. Set aside.

3. Before stuffing, sprinkle some corn flour inside tofu. Get some minced pork mixture and fill the hole as stuffing. Repeat till all finish. By doing this the stuffing will stick well and not fall apart. *I shape the extra minced pork mixture into meat balls. 

~Cooking 1. Heat up wok, add in vegetable oil (about half way cover tofu square). Once oil is hot, gently put in stuffed tofu. Fry till golden brown in all side. Remove and set aside. *turn tofu squares to get all sides evenly brown.

2. Pour out all oil. Prepare sauce by adding water and soya sauce into wok. Bring to boil. Return fried stuffed tofu back into wok. Cook till all the sauce absorbed by tofu. Serve!

Hakka Stuffed Tofu (客家酿豆腐)
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