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Hair Update.

By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
Hair Update.
I haven't updated you on my hair since I first got it cut and showed you what I was using now it was short, so I thought it was probably about time to show you what I was using now. It's slowly but surely getting to the length I originally wanted - note to self: tell the hairdresser to take off about three inches less than you actually want, because they seem to want to lop off ALL the hair - so I thought it would probably be useful to a lot of you to know how I am trying to coax it into growing a little faster. 
First things first, and probably the biggest tip I have learnt along the way is not to wash it too much. I'm not sure what it is about washing, but it really seems to slow down the rate of growth for me, so I'm trying at the moment to only wash my hair every 2/3 days instead of everyday like I used to. To keep my hair looking fresh in-between, I like to top up with dry shampoo on the days when I know I won't be washing - it soaks up all the grease, leaving my hair looking fresh and with a nice about of texture. Batiste has to be the queen of dry shampoo, and I've been finding that the Deep Brown Dry Shampoo has been working really well for me, without leaving a white cast in my hair. 
Of course, I do still wash my hair, but I know try to go towards the more moisturising products, rather than those that I know will strip. I recently came across the Yuko Phitenbella Shampoo and Treatment (which I use instead of a conditioner) which really nourish the hair, whilst effectively cleaning it, so I've been using them non-stop. Although a little difficult to find, these can be most easily be bought from BaoBella Boutique. Once my hair is washed and still wet, I like to rub in a 2p coin sized amount of Argan Oil (I'm using the one from Organix at the moment) to stop it from getting too dry and make sure the ends are protected from heat (which I have been trying very hard not to use to much of, since this is one of the worst offenders for damaged hair).
With all that moisture, things can start to get a little bit flat looking, which is where texturising spray comes in. For years I used a mousse and then blow-dried it, but always found that - although the results looked amazing just after - it fell flat after only a couple of hours. I've since moved onto a spray, the Charles Worthington Volume and Texture Spray, to be precise and can honestly say that it is the best product that I have ever used in terms of giving my hair so body and lived in texture.
It seems to be a good balance of products for me at the moment, enough to get the job done without being an endless task. What do you use in your hair?
P.S I'm also interested in doing a hairstyle type post, so let me know if you would be interested in that!

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