Hahahahaha... This is a Joke Right? Because If Not...

Posted on the 24 July 2011 by Holli
Hahahahaha... This is a joke right? Because if not then I guess I have been way too optimistic about human nature and immigrants in Africa.
So this is now being spun as a witch hunt and Holli (the victim) should take no responsibility for setting this off in the first place because she is not a 'journalist'? So she need not have any integrity and should therefore hold no blame for anything she writes?
Poor misunderstood little white girl who tried to save the unfeeling and unappreciative natives, then?
Alright, as you like it. If this rejoinder could have been written to further alienate Ghanaian readers from this blogger any more, my imagination could not extend that far.
I had looked forward to the promised response that I thought would somehow foster reconciliation from someone who has lived in our country for 15 years. If this is it, the best that you could do then I see now that it is hopeless.
If you refuse to see that you are blind, then there is nothing that anyone can do to help you.
I shall definitely do my best to steer clear of this space in the future but should another such incident occur, the writer should understand that she has arranged and dug her own grave.
Make no mistaken, we shall continue to rally our 'mass mentality' if ever another ungenerous and biased 'observer' chooses to take an unconsidered bite out of our struggle to rise and move forward.
Good luck.

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