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Hacked off

By Judithmiddleton
I can get rather bored with news coverage when it deluges you with the same story day after day after day. The latest phone intercepting scandal involving the now defunct News of the World, however, reminded me of the client who, once upon a time, called to see me and triumphantly whipped from her handbag a polythene bag which she had carefully labelled “Exhibit A.”
“What’s this?” I asked as I peered closely at something which to this day I am still convinced was a press-stud.
“A bugging device,” she whispered. “I found it under my telephone!”
Now I am a solicitor, not an agent for Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so I have to confess that my knowledge of these things is severely limited. However, I can assure you that there was no resemblance at all to those small sinister objects you see James Bond remove from hotel rooms, on the big screen.
Who put it there?” I enquired with interest, for my client was newly separated.
“My husband, of course,” she replied. “He gave the game away when he was helping me move in and I heard his hacking cough!”

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