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Habits That Are Worth Following

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

Habits that are worth following
We form habits very easily but often times we continue to pursue them for a short while and leave them afterwards. The best solution to this is to pursue one habit at a time. Don't pick another habit till you succeed at the first habit. Believe me when you get past the first one, you will also get through the second one and consequently others as well. Below I will list some of the habits which are worth following. It will save a lot of your energy making it possible for you to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. 1) Stay positive We have read in many books that staying positive helps in maintaining a balance in one's life. Believe me, it's true. Negative thoughts come in the mind every now and then but you have to do is to let them come and go without thinking about it too much. Practice this for about a week and see the difference for yourself. A time will come when in negative also you will find something positive which is actually true. 2) Respect time and it will respect you One of the things I came across is that people don't have time or they are very much busy in their lives which I see as completely fake. The problem is that they don't manage their time well. Or in other words, they don't RESPECT the time well. They keep on giving more time to less priority work which results in delays in one work leading to delays in other works as well. The whole thing becomes undisciplined. In order to grow, one needs to be consistent. Start respecting time and giving priority to more important works during the day time and least priority to other works during the night time. 3) Give failure a break Failure is seen by everybody at least once in their lives. One thing about failure which I have seen is people stop trying and they give up. What I have understood from failures is that the far you run away from it, the closer to you it will get. The best way to turn your failure to your success is not to give up but to get up every time you fall till you don't fell again. This can be understood well from kids. They keep on trying till they don't succeed. The best example I can give for adults playing a game on your smartphone. We keep on playing till we beat our previous score, so why not to keep trying till we stay up? 4) Keep on asking till the rejections becomes an affirmation The thing when we grow up is that our mind emphasizes on our self esteem , self confidence, our ego and uses them to drive us. This thing makes us to drop a dream because of this rejection. Rejections are everywhere but so does the affirmations. The problem is that rejections are more. The solution to this is that you should not stop doing your work because of being rejected by some one which probably you think is an expert at that thing but keep on asking every other person related to it till someone says YES! Try hard wiring these habits into your minds and you will definitely see a great change in yourself.

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