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H54F, MTM Mixer, and More!

By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups
Happy Friday! This week has FLOWN by, and as I'm starting to realize, they all do. Friday is extra special today; I participated in a brand new link-up called "Letters to my Former Single Self" that you should totally go check out, and of course since it's Friday, I'll be linking up for H54F!
H54F, MTM Mixer, and More!
H54F, MTM Mixer, and More!1// Bubba had his haircut all fresh; such a good boy2// This kid. 3// MY CARA BOX! Check back for the reveal soon :)4// He thinks he's a GQ model 5// New hat. Love my little boy (hence the 4 pictures of him this week)
And in other exciting news, I'm co-hosting the More Than Mommies Mixer and I'm the Life of the Party Co-host! How cool is that? So link-up below and join us :)
H54F, MTM Mixer, and More!
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