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Gym Life

By Sugar @TormentedSugar

Heyy im at the gym!! Free Wifi so the Gym is my BAE!

Im not like the girls who sit in the women’s locker room or on equipment playing on their phone not working out. I want to be sweaty lol just get bored so why not BLOG!!


Todays workout consistd of :
1. Seated bike 15 mins warm up
2. 15 min on treadmill with the incline up to take pressure off my back.
3. 20 more mins of seated bike workout helps my back but builds my legs!!

2 machines I want to try dont have water or cell holders so I will try another time.
The first is a seated stepping bike the other a seated push and pull contraption.

The best part about my gym is my toddler is getting her play on!!

Gotta get goin’ and get sweaty


Xo Sugar

Gym Life

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