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Guy Opens Bible, Finds Mein Kampf.

By Robert Bruce @robertbruce76

If you frequent the Reddit Books forum, then this is old news. But, if not, hopefully you’ll find it fascinating like me.

This guy found a mint condition original Mein Kampf–you know, Hitler’s Nazi manifesto–hidden inside an old Bible.

Here’s how he explains it:

My fiancee’s Mother purchased a box of old German Bibles at a flea market. Only after inspecting the Bibles closer after purchase did she notice One of them was very different from the others.

Can you imagine the stories that Bible/Mein Kampf could tell? Sounds like some Nazi trickery from back in the day.

Look at me! I’m a nice friendly man. I have a Bible filled with Jesus things. But little do you know it actually is just the container for hateful, Nazi propaganda.

Stupid nazis.

Still, quite an amazing piece of history this guy owns.

Apparently this photo was taken in mirror mode?

Here’s the inside of the Mein Kampf (photo taken in mirror mode, presumably).

To see more of the photos, go here.

Source: Reddit Books

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