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Guns & Roses: Back on Tour? Say Whaaaat?!

By Thewildheart @wildheartrocks
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So according to many sources including Ticketmaster, Guns & Roses are going back on tour. Now the question remains: will Axel actually show up to the shows? Also, will a riot happen?

Axel and friends usually have had nothing but fun and games. Riots, coming after fans taping the show, rants by Axel himself, fans fighting the photographer and Axel jumps in, Axel yelling SHOVE IT at random protesters (if there are any), and many more things. Basically its like a night with Courtney Love, but with more violence and destruction.

If I ever went to a Guns & Roses concert, well one can only imagine what kind of tweets/facebook posts I would be writing – let alone the comments. I think they would go like this:

Axel please don’t throw that human on me!

Did I just steal a Delorean and go back to Woodstock 99? Nope, I’m somehow in the middle of a riot. Thanx Axel!

Who concert 1979. G&R 2011. Same thing only the lead singer is a douchebag. I like Roger.



The wild heart needs to get OUT of the jungle!

sfadkodasjklewklwekldhtbnlxflknsdfa (gibberish because I have a concussion at this point)

See what I mean wild heart lovers?

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