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Gun-toting Police Chief Disciplined for Pro-gun Rights Rant

Posted on the 29 August 2013 by Adask

Time magazine reports,

“Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler is approaching the last day of his suspension from duty on Friday after he posted videos of pro-gun rants on YouTube. Technically he was suspended for unauthorized use of a weapon, but the vitriol of his speech has attracted as much attention as the guns themselves.”

I’m delighted to see anyone–especially in law enforcement–who is as passionate as police chief Kessler about defending our right to keep and bear arms against our own government and the United Nations.

The language in the video is “salty” and it’s not for kids.  But he makes his point.  He’s not debating.  He’s ready to fight, and I say “Applause, Applause!”  50,000 more men like police chief Kessler and we just might be able to take this country back.

video      00:01:34

Some viewers complained about Chief Kessler’s use of profanity in his first video, so he apologized in his second video.  Kinda.

In fact, where the first video had some political content, this second video includes a lot of gratuitous profanity.  It’s absolutely not for the kids.  But, even though Chief Kessler swears like a longshoreman, he again makes his point.  The man’s ready to go.

video     00:02:45

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