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Gun Nuts Guarding the Military - The Downside

Posted on the 22 July 2015 by Lowell

Gun Nuts Guarding the Military - The DownsideI suppose there are rare occasions when handguns might be useful.  Maybe your gun would be effective if an intruder were in your home and you got the drop on him/her.  But it's my understanding that in such situations people can freeze, or shoot wildly, so there's always the chance you'd shoot your spouse or one of your children, or miss the intruder, in which he or she shoots you dead.
There are very few situations when a gun is going to help you defend yourself if you are a normal, law-abiding citizen going about minding your own business.  If you get into a verbal fight, it could escalate to the point your opponent might draw a gun and shoot you.  But you probably wouldn't have a chance to respond because you'd be dead.
If you were in a road-rage situation and your antagonist stops his car, pulls a gun and shoots you, it's lights out.  Same goes if he slows down and you try to pass him.  Bang, you're dead!
Or let's say you're in a movie theater watching a movie when some crackpot sneaks in the back and, standing in the shadows, opens fire with an AK47.  That wee little gun in a holster on your hip will probably do you no good at all because your first reaction is going to be to dive under a seat.  And if you lift your head to get a shot at the perpetrator dressed in black standing in the dark you're likely to get your brains blown into the next county.
It is a rare situation where you will be able to perceive a mortal threat via a handgun or any kind of gun in time to react accordingly.
I've already commented on the fact that the Second Amendment does not authorize every man, woman and child in the U.S. to be armed with any number or kind of weapon available.  In fact, it has very little to do with individuals at all.  It has to do with a "well-regulated" militia such as a state's National Guard.  Members of such a "militia" shall have the right to arm themselves.
Additionally, I've noted that in the real Wild West, contrary to the Hollywood version, people were generally disallowed from carrying weapons in the towns cropping up in the hinterland.  The leaders of these towns were adults who understood the danger of having armed citizens wandering around carrying Colts on their belts, especially after they had a few belts at the local saloon.
Unfortunately, we have an awful lot of non-grownups in this country who have been fed a line of bullshit by the NRA and who have come to believe they should not only be able to own whatever weapon their miserable little hearts wishes, but should also be able to carry them openly into any venue they so please, no matter if it scares the crap out of normal people; no matter if they're angry, no matter if they're drunk, no matter if they're crazy!
It is estimated that there are 283 million guns loose in the United States.  Approximately 30,000 people are killed by guns in this country every year.  That record is worse than most every other industrialized nation.
Doubtless you have heard of the recent shooting at a military recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  All told, five people were killed, including four marines.  A similar shooting took place in Little Rock in 2009.
This has led the gun nuts to cry for, naturally, more guns.  Politicians and other crazy people are yelping that we must arm the military personnel in the recruitment centers.  Give them all guns and all will be well.
But, the military authorities have been slow to act.  They know a little bit about guns and the dangers involved and are making no rash decisions.  They might even be trying to determine if the outcome would have been different had the military personnel in the recruitment center been armed.
Then there are the wackos and rednecks who have decided to defend the military who defend us.  It's only right, they say.  These military people who fight for our freedom should be spared from attack, they say.  So, civilians, armed with a variety of weapons, are now taking turns guarding the military in Chattanooga.
Let that seep into your consciousness for a few minutes.
I have a message for all you civilian guards with guns:
First:  If you are so enthralled with guns and military action and the possibility of dying, then join the Army.  Give it your all, not just an hour or two.  If this is so important to you, become one with those "defending our freedoms."  Put yourself in the ring of fire!
Secondly:  A word of advice and a word of warning:  Be very, very careful and be very vigilant.  And be prepared to die.
Here's why:  As I understand it, the situation in Chattanooga was a drive-by shooting involving automatic weapons.  If you're standing in front of that recruiting center and a car drives by and sprays hundreds of bullets in a few seconds, you will most certainly expire on the spot.
And sadly, I'd guess you are not a Muslim and therefore will not have 72 virgins awaiting your arrival in Paradise.  Damn!

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