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Gun Free Zones.......are NOT the Problem; GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM

Posted on the 30 July 2015 by Doggone
If more guns made us more safe, we would not have the gun violence problem as a nation that is unique to us, in contrast to other advanced nations.
Conservatives have it wrong, and conservative candidates are afraid of their idiot, ignorant base voters. Conservatives are afraid of the NRA and other "gun-hugger" groups funded by the gun and ammmo manufacturers. When you realize how many ridiculous things the right and especially the right wing candidates FEAR, wrongly, no wonder they cling to their firearms with insane desperation.
But they are wrong.  And the facts are NOT on their side, nor is reason.
From End Gun Violence on FB:
Gun Free Zones.......are NOT the problem; GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM

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