Guide to Action If the Rented Car is Broken

Posted on the 01 October 2018 by Abdulamex

Our life is unpredictable and anything can happen on the road. It is especially insulting when you take a car for rent, and it breaks at the most inopportune moment. What to do in this situation?

Naturally, before, it is necessary to issue a car for hire:

  • fully study the reviews of the car rental company;
  • to familiarize with the technical characteristics of the chosen model;
  • Carefully read the lease. Pay special attention to the point of “force majeure” circumstances.
  • But, nevertheless, everything is done according to the rules and in the middle of the road a rented car fails, what should I do?

A guide to action when a machine breaks down:

  • If an unpleasant situation occurred outside the city on the road, first of all, you need to get to the nearest settlement and determine the landmark where you are to call for technical assistance;
  • Dial the contact number of the rental company, where you rented a car, inform the operator about the problem and its location. Often, if you did not leave the city, the company employees send their car mechanic, or they offer another car;
  • If the car has broken down, do not start repairing the car yourself, even if you are completely familiar with the technical components of the vehicle. This item is registered in the contract and can lead to trouble. The exception is a punctured wheel. In this case, you have the right to come to the nearest tire fitting, and repair the wheel;
  • The malfunction of the rented car has occurred not because of the driver, but through the fault of the third person. For example, there was a minor accident, not your fault, and the driver of another vehicle asks you to solve the “problem on the spot” without involving police officers. Do not agree, you need to call the police and report an accident to make a report;
  • If the incident occurred through your fault, then, in this case, you will have to pay for the breakdown from your own funds.

After signing the contract with the monthly car rental company do not worry if the car breakdown did not happen due to your fault, the employees of the organization will do their utmost to solve this problem as soon as possible. Do not engage in amateur activities, you just need to notify the company about the incident.

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