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Guest Posted at Animation Anomaly

By Jardley @jardster

nimation Guest Posted at Animation Anomaly

I’ve guest posted over at Animation Anomaly!

I know last week I said to you guys that I’d be participating in the Illustration Friday challenge this week, but there’s been other projects that I need the time for right now. Some of them have deadlines for next week and I need to get on that, so IF isn’t top priority right now. I’ll be posting the progress of these projects and show you how each looks in the end so no worries. In the interim between finishing those and now, I’ve guest posted over at Animation Anomaly.

For those familiar with the blog, you’ve probably read my post about Great Animation Teasers so what’s over there is nothing new. It’s been tweaked some to make it more general as an article but almost everything else is still there.

This is the very first time that I’ve guest posted anywhere ever and it’s kind of a big deal for me. Why? Because it sort of concretely shows how much has changed and progressed about me. I don’t think I’ve talked about my interest in animation too much here mostly because I’ve thought if I’m going to talk about something creative, I at least have to have a concrete project to back it up and I don’t have any of that in terms of animation reels or stills at the moment. Hopefully around September (yes I am hinting at something if everything is a go on that). Before that, I’d been so focused on Illustration until I asked myself what other interests did I have and want to pursue and more experiences have opened up as a result. One of those has been animation. Zooming over these past months, I’ve had so much access to it, became aware about certain sites, am building networks and it’s amazing. Now I’m guest posting about it. Something I hadn’t expected to do before, if anything I assumed I’d guest post somewhere sometime in my life but imagined the first one would be for illustration. I’m excited where I’ll be a year from now.

In my post Useful Sites & Resources for Illustrators, I advised you that guest posting was useful for you as an artist both because it builds your online presence and network with others and yet I didn’t even heed my own statements! Yeah, I know a bit hypocritical but I did it in the end!

Animation Anomaly was one of the sites I found when I was pursuing this and it’s an amazing one man show run by Charles Kenny. I’m always surprised by how frequently he updates but through his posts I’ve learned about the different faucets of animation. Some of which I hadn’t really thought could be a discussion or as interesting as I’d find it. I’m glad to have been a part of it.

Happy Tuesday

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