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{Guest Post} Working from Home.

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
Five Ways to Boost Your Income in the Comfort of Your Home
In today’s turbulent economy getting and keeping a job is tough for everyone. But for those with family commitments, finding flexible work that can tie in with day to day life can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Worryingly, American debt is still high and despite records suggesting that it has decreased since its boom years in 2009, the average American household still owes over $15,000 in credit card debts alone. The ongoing pressure to pay our debts alongside the difficulty of finding a suitable job can cause huge amounts of stress for many families but it seems that more and more people are seeking to combat this by working from home. In fact one study suggests that 10% of American’s work from home already and that figure is set to rise. Often this can mean telecommuting for an employer but many people now use their own initiative in order to set up businesses or make money for themselves. It’s really not as complicated as it may first appear and can give you the freedom to dictate your own working hours while keeping your brain active and your bank balance thriving. Here are some suggestions of how you can become your own boss.
Set up a shop
If you love making handmade bits and pieces then turn your hobby into a business by setting up an Etsy shop. Thanks to this online marketplace, anyone with a penchant for crafts, artwork, knitting, sewing, jewelry making and much more can earn money from their handmade masterpieces. If you aren’t great with computer technology then you can still sell your supplies the old fashioned way either at yard sales or markets – but online selling is undoubtedly the quickest and easiest option for most people. 
Writing and blogging
The ‘blogsphere’ is a huge online community. Millions of people worldwide have their own blogs and some of them (such as Perez Hilton) have even gained celebrity status from it. If you have an interest in writing then you can set up your own free blog through providers such as Blogger/Wordpress or, for a small fee, buy a web domain for your very own website. Blog genres can range from almost anything but some of the most popular include parenting, cooking, fashion/beauty and photography. It may start out as a hobby but if your blog gains a large readership then you could be offered the opportunity to advertise and affiliate on it which can usually bring in an extra monthly income. You may also find that you are offered free sample products in keeping with the topic of your blog to advertise and review to your readers.
Freelance writing is also a great way to earn money from your own home and many marketing companies and online content providers offer their writers the opportunity to telecommute. Roles may include copywriting, ghost writing, proof reading or writing content for blogs/websites belong to other people. When searching for jobs such as this, make sure that you research the employer well to ensure that they are reputable. If you have a keen interest in creative writing then you could also try to sell short stories, poetry or creative pieces to magazines, newspapers or even submit them for consideration at a publishing house.
Admin work
If you’d like to earn money from home while having a fairly low pressure job role then consider online admin work such as online data entry. This may include typing or inputting statistics and vacancies can often be found on reputable recruitment sites such as where you make bids for the varying types of jobs that you’d like to complete. You can even become a virtual assistant by managing the secretarial work for businesses remotely – this usually only applies for smaller firms that don’t require full time admin support. The beauty of bidding for admin work is that it gives you the opportunity to earn money from home but in a relaxed role where you can dictate your own workload.
Use your space
When people are looking to make money from their home they often miss the most obvious options – making money from the physical home itself. Many people now rent out their spare rooms to lodgers, earning themselves a regular month income. If you live in a city and have a permitted parking space that you don’t use, you could also earn money by renting this out to commuters – there are specific websites that allow you to advertise your space on a parking database. The same principle works to advertise storage space in areas that you don’t use – such as lofts, basements, garages or spare rooms. If you have a large or interesting home you could even open your home to filmmakers or TV crews – they are always on the lookout for locations and settings.
Ironing service
It might not seem like the most glamorous option but if you have ironing to do for your family then why not offer your services out to paying customers too. Ironing services are particularly popular in the UK with most people working on a price-per-item costing scheme. Check out local newspapers, magazines or notice boards to get an idea of how much people are charging in your area then jump straight in and advertise yourself.  Remember that earning a regular income, even from home, still counts as a job and will therefore need to be declared on any tax returns. 
Guest post written by:  Laura Cleveland     I hope you enjoyed today's guest post, I did!  You already know that I have a shop and freelance write... Please do weigh-in and let me know your thoughts.  Happy Hump Day!   {Guest Post} Working from Home.  

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