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Guest Post: The Lollipop Man Technique – Helping People Across the Street and onto Your Website

Posted on the 26 December 2012 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia

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  • Sit down and think
  • Don't be a spammer
  • Bringing people home
  • Your website becomes a machine
  • Just remember this

The following is a guest post by Ben Austin. His bio is at the end of the article.

When was the last time you logged into your analytics and checked your website rankings? Once you start seeing good results it means you can start attempting to make some money. I’d like to see you try that when you don’t have any visitors on your site. But don’t worry; eventually you will have more people coming through the door than you will know how to handle.

That’s if you do the complete opposite of every other person out there, or at least the greatest majority of them. Did you know that most people who build a website don’t even make money from it? They don’t and the reason will shock you. They sit down each night and do nothing productive because they are lazy. The sad part is that they actually do work, but not the stuff that needs to be done.

People think it’s OK to write hundreds of articles because they enjoy writing. Posting new content isn’t what you should be doing with your time. You should be spending over seventy percent of your time marketing your content. That means going out and building links to improve your search engine rankings. Don’t do it and you’ll just be some other punk with a thousand articles and no traffic.

Sit down and think

Right now I want you to think about what your website is all about. Who are your ideal customers and where will they be right now? Make a list of everywhere they could possibly be and give each place a mark out of ten.

You now know that in order to build traffic to your site you need to go to these places and bring them back with you. Every night when you come in you can start with the most obvious places and work your way down.

Don’t be a spammer

There’s nothing worse than watching someone float about from website to website leaving a trail of desperate spam links. You might get the link indexed by Google, but it’s not good enough. It’s impossible to build a business that way.

You might have to build thousands of those links before the search engines sit up and take notice. Even then you might only get a few hundred visitors per month because of it. What you need to do is show some authority and the results will be much better.

Bringing people home

So you need to build some authority, but how exactly do you go about it? When you leave a link somewhere it’s like a poisoned chalice. Nobody is going to drink out of it. If you give people excellent information it’s different.

People want to come back to your site because they want to hear more of what you have to say. If you become friends with people they will come back because they like you, plus they will tell everyone they are friends with to visit your site too.

Your website becomes a machine

When everyone lands on your site from a search engine they won’t have any idea who you are. When they come from a link because you’ve shown some sign of authority they will be much more likely to buy.

Once you start getting thousands of these people becoming fans you will eventually start getting more people to your site without doing anything. When the search engine traffic comes back they now don’t think you’re a nobody. They see everyone going crazy and they also want to buy your stuff.

Just remember this

There are too many people out there who enjoy writing, yet sadly they neglect any marketing. There’s thousands of websites out there that have great content and zero traffic. Those people don’t have a business.

If you want one you need to become the lollipop man of your niche and shuffle people back into your site instead of waiting until they find you. The search engine traffic will eventually build up by itself. You just concentrate on finding people because it’s a supercharged SEO technique nobody is doing.

Ben Austin is the managing director of SEO Positive Limited, an innovative search engine optimization company based in UK.

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