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Guest Post: The 5 Hottest Job Markets (Jacksonville is #2!)

Posted on the 14 February 2014 by Candacemoody @candacemoody


More than just a pretty face: Jacksonville’s job market is hot

Even with recent economic troubles easing up in the United States, many people are finding it challenging to find employment. In order to overcome the difficulties, some professionals are casting a wider net in their job searches and considering relocating to other areas in order to find good work. If your current location simply doesn’t have a market for your skills, that can be a great decision. But relocating to just anywhere does not guarantee that you’ll find success. Some markets offer much better odds for employment than others, as demonstrated by their lower unemployment rates and recent hiring practices. Relocating to some of these hot job markets can open up a world of possibilities for your career.

Austin, Texas: Austin is known as a hot spot of culture and entertainment, but that’s not all — the city also has a hot job market. The unemployment rate of Austin has been hovering around five percent, putting it well below the national average. Austin has a number of opportunities in a variety of fields, with several particularly strong industries. Among the quickest growing fields for employment in Austin are healthcare, business services, and manufacturing.

Jacksonville, Florida: With a professional football team, a vibrant arts community and dozens of attractions of all kinds, Jacksonville has plenty to offer. Jacksonville has a widely renowned sunny climate (four seasons with no snow) and provides opportunities for countless outdoor activities. The job opportunities are similarly rich, with the city boasting an unemployment rate of only about six percent. Jacksonville is a particularly hot job market for those in the fields of education, healthcare, information technology, and hospitality.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Located just east of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is a popular destination for those looking to explore the outdoors. In addition to hosting a variety of impressive architectural gems and museums, Grand Rapids is also a hot market for job-seekers. The Grand Rapids area has a strong, diverse economic sector, and opportunities abound in industries including engineering, education, information technology, financial services, and healthcare.

Seattle, Washington: While most west coast conversation tends to center around California and all that state has to offer, Washington is quite the destination for relocation as well. The city of Seattle is home to top-notch culture, arts, sports, and entertainment, and the urban center is rife with employment opportunities of all kinds. Moving to Seattle to look for work provides chances to work for a broad range of employers in both the city itself as well as its sprawling suburbs. The Seattle area has an unemployment rate of around 5.5 percent, and there are major opportunities in the growing fields of engineering, manufacturing, and health services.

Phoenix, Arizona: This land of sand and sun is also one with bright prospects for employment thanks to its low unemployment rate and growing population. Phoenix is a popular choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities, and it also boasts top educational opportunities. Additionally, Phoenix has a strong tourism industry, which provides many job opportunities. Growing fields for employment in the Phoenix area include hospitality, construction, and financial services.

Of course, simply moving to one of these cities isn’t enough- you’ve got to put in the work applying to jobs. If you’re getting discouraged, don’t give up! Tenacity does have a tendency of paying off!

Hailey Harper is a marketing strategist for a Tucson moving company. She enjoys writing about business and leadership, as well as helping people on their job search.

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