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Guest Post || How to Look Better in Photos

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
6 Ways to Look Better in Photos
Everyone wants to look their best in a photograph, especially around the holidays or on picture day. What about that upcoming corporate and/or professional photo? No one wants it to turn out like those dreaded I.D. photos. Thankfully, however, there are a few tricks to learn for looking better in photographs.
Sure, there is always plastic surgery, but that’s a bit drastic! While there are some non-surgical improvements you can make, like injections of Botox or skin fillers to freshen up your face, why don’t you try these easy tips instead?
1 Tilt Your Head. One way to look more slender in photographs is to extend your neck slightly forward while tilting your head slightly upward and to the side. This helps alleviate some wrinkles and makes a person appear to be thinner.
2 Smile Slightly. Practice smiling in front of a mirror until it comes naturally. You want to give a smile that shows off just enough of your upper teeth but not too much of your gum line. Before long, the perfect smile will come naturally to you and you can use it everyday, not just when your photo is being snapped!
3 Smile with Your Eyes. "Smile with your eyes" sounds like a model expression, but it holds so much truth. Happy eyes almost always make for great photographs. Like practicing a smile, practice keeping your eyes open and eyebrows slightly raised when you smile. Happy eyes make your expression appear softer, more gentle and inviting.
4 Don’t Face the Camera. Standing so that only about three-quarters of your body faces the camera is another way to appear thinner. Also, stand with one leg slightly forward. It creates the illusion of being thinner. Take a look at some red carpet photos and notice how many celebrities use this technique. There is a reason; it works.
5 Keep Your Arms By Your Side. Do you ever feel self-conscious about your arms when your picture is being taken? Many photos turn out to be awkward looking because people do not know what to do with their arms. Keeping them at your side, but slightly away from your body, is the most natural pose. It also makes your body appear more relaxed.
6 Watch the Makeup. Too much makeup never looks good anyway, but in pictures it looks even worse. This is because the camera tends to exaggerate things like weight and makeup. Remember that old saying, wear just enough to make it look natural? Live by it.
Practice these simple tricks and the next time you are photographed you will likely enjoy seeing the outcome. It does not take much time or effort to learn these tips, so go ahead, give them a try! Save the plastic surgery for another day.

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