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Guest Post: How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Pinterest

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia


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The following is a guest post by Roxanne Reyes. Her bio is at the end of the article.

Pinterest is a social media network that made a blast this year. It has taken the third spot as one of the popular social sites.

According to a recent report, 12% of adults spend their time online using Pinterest while 19% of women are already active on the site. Imagine being able to tap on majority or even the whole percentage of these users. That’s great profit right? So take advantage of Pinterest by considering the following tips:

  • Work on your profile page and boards
  • Make time for social engagement online
  • Share useful ideas, tips, and trivia
  • Get a business account

Work on your profile page and boards

Pinterest board

By just looking at how Pinterest works, you will notice that photos are very important here. These are the windows for site users to like and pin your shared image to their accounts. Be sure to make your profile page and boards interesting. This can increase the chance of being shared by others who might turn to be your customers too.

You can start by giving an interesting title for your board. Then, choose the best photos of your products or services. If you have design inspiration posts about your small business, these will also be good to add.

Make time for social engagement online

Pinterest mobile

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It’s not enough to have the best profile on Pinterest. You need to be active online for viewers to notice you, talk about you, and build a relationship with you. Include social engagement on your schedule so you can have time to interact online. If you’re quite busy, you can leave the task to your staff or do it at home.

Keep track of the comments, likes, and shares that your Pinterest posts are getting. You should also reply if there are inquiries which can lead to a profit for your small business.

Share useful ideas, tips, and trivia


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Even when photos are the main posts being used on Pinterest, this doesn’t mean that your reach to cus tomers is limited. You can still add ideas and tips that people would love to know on this site. Accompany the post with an engaging image to grab attention. Lastly, use a caption or title that would leave the users wanting to know more.

Get a business account

Pinterest business

Once you have already understood how Pinterest works, you can convert your personal profile into a business account. This is one of the recent offers provided by the website. With a profile fitted for your small business, you can show others what your goals are. You can also speak up about your offers and let others know through visuals and text what you have in store for them.

Unlike the personal account, a corporate one has a dedicated page for your business needs. You can back it up with the pins and boards that you’ve created. It’s like a support that will add credibility on your Pinterest posts.

Even when all you have is a small business, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete in the market. Start your own Pinterest account today and use it as an avenue to reach your business goals. Delve into its benefits and you might just become the brand that gained success through this site.

Roxanne Reyes is a creative writer from PrintRunner, your friendly brochure printing company that offers small businesses innovative marketing tools in new and exciting ways.

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