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Guest Post – Childhood Memories

By Saveeverystep @saveeverystep

Which Childhood Memories do we Remember Most?

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Looking back at the past is something that we all love to do. The delicious irony in that fact is found in the way a lot of us used to roll our eyes and say ‘yeah, whatever’ when our grandparents and parents would tell us about how things used to be different.

The fact is that, when we are children, we have very few ‘real world’ worries, meaning we can throw ourselves into anything we wanted to without a care in the world. We thought about our favourite nostalgic childhood memories, and why we will always hold them so close to our heart.


When we look at children playing now, it just isn’t like it used to be. Back when we were youngsters, we would play with dolls, dress them up, and take them everywhere with us. For some reason, it just isn’t cool to play with dress up dolls or make up an innocent role-play anymore. Telling stories about our dolls and having them as our best friends used to be amazing. It seems games consoles and MP3 players have taken that role today.

Hanging Out

Didn’t the world used to be such an easy-going place? My parents never thought twice about letting me hang out with friends at the end of the street, or even at the play park a little further away.

Rarely do you see groups of children playing innocently in the modern day – society has unfortunately changed so much that it isn’t considered safe. Any gatherings of youngsters we do see at the park are usually teenagers,

family stories
and although they can be intimidating, to be fair it isn’t like the authorities have given them much else to do.

Family Time

Another huge change in society has been the role of the family unit. When I was young family was such a close-knit thing, and I would regularly spend time with many of my relatives. I’m not sure whether it is just down to a cultural shift or the fact that people are working harder and longer than ever before, but today’s family time seems to be limited to weddings, funerals, and occasions such as Christmas.

It is a shame that spending time with loved ones should be seen as nostalgic, but such is the world we live in today.

Turning Back the Clock

While certain aspects of our childhood will never be restored, we can definitely encourage today’s younger generations to do things like spend more time with family and play with traditional style toys, and furthermore this will give us the opportunity to join in and relive our younger days ourselves.

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