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Guest Post: A Creative Studio.

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
I'm so excited to be guest posting on Heather's blog. Not only is Heather a lovely friend, but she has a lovely blog! My name is Sierra and I'm a blogger at my blog Ocean Dreams.

Since I know how much Heather loves to be creative {and I love her Etsy shop and blog}, I thought I would blog about creative studios! There are so many beautiful creative studios that are available today and if budget wasn't an issue - wouldn't it be fun to creative a craft room that's made especially for you and your creative needs? I think so. Here are some craft rooms that I think are amazing:
Guest Post:  A Creative Studio.
{ via scrapbook.com }
This room above is amazing because it mixes contemporary decorating with a bit of French and romantic decor. The modern element is the zebra printed rug. The shabby chic elements look beautiful with the white furnishings and patterned window treatments. I also love the storage space in this room and think it would be an amazing room to work in.
Guest Post:  A Creative Studio.
{ via Natty Nest }
For down the road I think it would be a great idea to implement a craft room near a family room. That way your kids could stay entertained while you work away on a project! Plus, if you want to take a break, a sofa from SofaSofa will be nice to sit down on and relax on in-between projects. I would love this sort of set up when I have kids because it definitely would be ideal.
Ellen Grasso Inc modern kids
{ modern kids design by dallas design-build Ellen Grasso Inc }
Another amazing craft room would also look amazing with many cubbies to hold items and multiple chairs for others to sit on and create with you. I would just love to invite my girlfriends over and have them work with me in a large craft room! This room above is perfect. It has tons of storage space and I like how everything is laid out. 
So what do you think of all of these creative studios? Aren't they amazing? I would love to creative a room where I could create, read, and just relax. Decorating a room according to your interests is wonderful and maybe someday both you and I will be able to do this. I can't wait! Thanks for the guest post Heather! :)

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