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Guest Blogger: VEGANesp – Spanish Chickpea Stew

By Veganbloggersunite @veganblogsunite

VEGANesp is an unique blog run by a couple Elena and Seth, hence the name ESP. P, is their last name initial, so that’s adorable. Here they are in their own words,  ”We’re Elena & Seth. We’ve been vegan since late 2009 and we love it – so much so that we decided to share our wonderful voyage through this amazing vegan life on-line. We’ll talk (a lot) about what we eat, vegan events and other aspects of a vegan lifestyle. We’ll include features about vegan businesses, post articles and videos, and offer (hopefully) helpful information and tips.” Follow VEGANesp on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Welcome Elena and Seth!

Monday, December 9

Spanish Chickpea Stew

Rating: 4.25

I keep trying to make healthier recipes, but the cold, wet weather we’ve been having leaves me wanting comfort food more often than not. Still, I try to include a few super-healthy recipes each week. We’ve had the Forks Over Knives Cookbook for a while, and I have to say, the recipes we’ve made from it have been hit or miss. This one was a hit though. Like most of the FOK book, this dish is pretty easy to put together – it all goes in one pot – and is loaded with veggies. Once more, I used russet instead of Yukon potatoes, but otherwise, I stuck to the recipe as written. And, once again it was thinner than I expected, more like a soup, but still really good. And it made a LOT. It’s a hearty dish, with carrots, potatoes, chickpeas and chard, so it really can be a one-pot meal. The Spanish flavor comes from the seasoning of toasted cumin, sweet paprika, and smoked paprika. I added extra of the smoked because we love it. While we’re not gluten-free, this dinner was, so if you’re looking for a hearty GF recipe, this is definitely a good one. Not content to have just the one green veggie of chard, I steamed some broccoli to have on the side, but that’s really just because we wanted an extra veg.


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