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Guest Blogger: Molly on Budgeting Fashion

By Stylishlytaylor @xoTaaaylor
Well hello beautiful!
Emily has so kindly allowed me post this week, and I am ecstatic! I would like to take this great opportunity and touch on the New Year and the importance of ramping up your pocket for 2014!
Personally, I am pushing myself to make a monthly list of the top five outfit essentials throughout the New Year. I discovered Polyvore (I know, I’m a little late in the game) and love creating inspiration boards! Check it out here! Due to my small budget I just use many of the pieces as a starting point – and look for lower price items when shopping. VIOLA! It’s my virtual shopping list!
Guest Blogger: Molly on Budgeting FashionThat being said, with the New Year I am trying to stay within my budget – and save a little extra dough for the big-ticket items. I have been looking to save extra money in other places lately, and have discovered the dangerous land of store credit cards.  I’ll be the first to admit I get caught up in the 20% store savings with an application. My parents sat me down recently about my spending habits, and I did research on how this affected me. See the light. Read about it. Eek!
Like I said, making small adjustments in your finances can allow you to save up for other items. I am personally saving up for my first Tory Burch! I am hoping to have this beauty by March 15th! Don’t you just love it??? Simplistic, gorgeous….extremely pricey.  I am getting mine in the mid camel color – while hoping for a sale! Here it is.
Guest Blogger: Molly on Budgeting Fashion
Guest Blogger: Molly on Budgeting Fashion
Guest Blogger: Molly on Budgeting Fashion
What are you saving for? How are you budgeting? Feel free to check out my blog for more tips and tricks…I will continue to be checking in on my blogger friend Emily.
Enjoy your New Year my fashion friends!


I would like to thank Molly for contributing to my blog with this amazing guest post.  I highly recommend you guys follow her on her blog!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions in the comments below!  Thanks for reading and following xx

Guest Blogger: Molly on Budgeting Fashion

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