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Guest Blogger || Interview with Hannah

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers, 
Im in that summery loving mood and have been talking to some of my favorite bloggers and so I have done some more interviews, Enjoy!
Laura x
1. What is the title of your blog and its link?Midnight Violets MakeUp & Beauty Blog

2. What is your blog about?I blog about beauty in general, with a focus on make-up. I feature a lot of reviews as well as looks, favourites and tutorials for both nails and make-up! Guest Blogger || Interview with Hannah3. What else do you apart from blog?I've just finished a science degree and am entering the big wide world! I also like to bake (who doesn't?!) and eat cake! 4. What do you like about blogging and is there anything you don't like?I love that it's my sanctuary away from real life where I can just have fun and enjoy myself! I also love all of the wonderful comments and emails I get from subscribers, it never fails to give me a daily smile! I really don't honesty think that there's anything I dislike about blogging - apart from the whole Google getting rid of GFC :(5. What are your favorite posts to write and who you are your favorite bloggers?My favorite posts to write are my 'Top Picks' posts where I share my favourites of a particular product type - like red lipsticks for example! I also really enjoy posting looks, it's fun to look back and see how my skills have developed as well as keeping a memento of looks I liked! I have loads of favorite bloggers, but I want to give a special mention to Emily from Beauty Broadcast, she never fails to come up with something new!  Guest Blogger || Interview with Hannah6. Do you have any blogging tips for new and existing bloggers?My biggest tip is to just be yourself and write about something you're passionate about, be that make-up, cooking or airplanes! Good quality pictures are always good too - although a cheap camera will be absolutely fine, you don't need anything fancy to get good pictures!7. Do you prefer makeup or fashion and why? Make-up all the way! 8. Do you have any hidden talents?Not really! Although I can touch my nose with my tongue!Guest Blogger || Interview with Hannah9. What is your favorite colour, film and Tv show?My favorite color is purple (hence the blog name!). My favorite film is a tough one, there's so many good ones! I might go with Pearl Harbour though, an oldy but a goody! It may be a crime, but I really don't watch much TV, I'm more of a Youtube person! 10. What do you hope to achieve this year?I want to become settled in a proper job and generally just to stay happy! Blog wise, it'll be nice to meet up with some other bloggers a bit more. And I'd really like to get my Youtube channel going properly. 

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