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GTA Online Has 10 New Rockstar Verified Jobs

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
GTA Online has 10 new Rockstar Verified Jobs
Grand Theft Auto Online has 10 new Rockstar Verified Jobs, one of which is the first Verified Air Race.
Rockstar said the next batch will be announced soon and will include the first Verified Capture Jobs selected from its Capture Weekend submissions.
Until then, here’s a list of new Jobs to participate in:
  • Final Destination – Created by TonyResta
  • 2 Mile Lap Divided – Created by Family1974
  • Alleyways – Created by omgsamurai
  • Break out the Brakes – Create by IckyDoodyPoopoo
  • Riding the Tracks – Created by Ben.Stock96
  • Simply Sanchez – Created by Refuso
  • The Dirty Maze – Created by dannyar21
  • White Cars Can’t Jump – Created by Therealxstacide
  • Little Seoul Park – Created by Phipparama
  • Area 53 – Created by giuli0207

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