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GRW 18: Makeup Insecurity | Is Makeup Covering More Than We Think

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld

GRW 18: Makeup Insecurity | Is Makeup Covering More Than We Think

Ask yourself. Could we be using our makeup to cover up our insecurities?

A recent article suggests women who wear makeup are doing so to cover their insecurities. Hmmmm…I can see (slightly) where they are going with this.

And I went through a ton of emotions when I read the article. But I have to admit it does make one wonder.

Is my makeup covering my insecurities?

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Makeup – is a covering more than we think?
  • Is there a double standard?
  • Why stop at makeup. What else are we insecure about?
  • The purpose of makeup
  • Beauty lovers and #BBloggers bare it all. Are they insecure as well?


  • My Skin is My Bully
  • Best Makeup for Acne Skin & Blemishes
  • How to cure baggy eyes

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Episode highlights:

“…My body and my soul told me I needed to talk about this”

“…To say that makeup is a way to hide insecurities blow my mind…No foundation. No mascara. No makeup can ever fix an insecurity.”

“…Deep down I have issues with my skin but I’ve learned to accept it.”

“These type of statements are always geared toward women…”

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