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GRW 13: 7 Shaving Tips for the Smoothest Shave Ever

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld


Yeah. It may sound really weird. But…the best time to shave is right before you turn in for the night. Although the results of a freshly, skin is irresistible, it can be rough on our skin. Give your skin some time to bounce back as you sleep. Your skin will renew and replenish itself overnight.

Bet you’re saying your skin can replenish anytime of the day, right? Yeah, this is true. But a night is better because you’re heading to a soft, comfy bed. There are no harmful elements there. No sun. No wind. No sand or dirt. You are not moving as much either. That means there is less friction and irritation to your skin. We are always in motion during the day – work, school, chores, commuting. When you hit the sack, it’s skin time. This is where your skin does what it needs to do to stay healthy.

GRW 13: 7 Shaving Tips for the Smoothest Shave Ever


Yet another reason to shave a night. After shaving, try some nude therapy. Or you can simply wear the least amount of clothes possible. Going nude after shaving also helps prevent irritation to your freshly shaved skin. Nothing is rubbing against it to get it upset. Let your skin breathe and be free. Not to mention, it may also be therapeutic.


Exfoliate!!! It’s a fancy word for removing dead skin cells. Exfoliating before shaving will help reduce shaving mishaps. Exfoliating creates a smooth canvas for shaving. Your razor will glide over your skin with little effort. You will get less nicks, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Checkout my review on Tend Skin razor tonic razor tonic. It’s amazing!!

GRW 13: 7 Shaving Tips for the Smoothest Shave Ever


Reach for disposable shavers that you can use once and discard. Using a new razor guarantees a clean, sharp blade each time you shave. When razors become dull or weighed down with dead skin cells, they no longer provide that close shave we desire. As a result, we have to run the razor over the same area multiple times. This causes even more trauma to the skin as well as more irritation, nicks and razor bumps.


There’s something short of a miracle that happens when you use a new razor, exfoliated skin, and baby oil!!! The results are amazing. Try it. First apply a generous amount of baby oil over damp, exfoliated skin. This creates a silky barrier between your skin and the razor. The razor will easily glide over your skin. As a result, you will enjoy the closest, most even shave ever. There are less nicks, knacks and irritation too!

GRW 13: 7 Shaving Tips for the Smoothest Shave Ever


Hair grows in a certain direction. For example, the hair on your legs may grow downward. Always, always, always shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against your hair’s natural growth pattern can cause major skin issues and can increase skin irritation. Don’t work against your hair growth. Work with it to achieve a smooth shave.


Now that the shaving process is completely done. You should have smooth skin that’s thirsty for a good dose of moisture. Even though just about any moisturizer will do the trick, I strongly {strongly} recommend the best stuff you can get your hands on. Since the old skin cells were removed during shaving, your skin can soak up the benefits of an amazing moisturizer. This is the time to nourish it with healing, anti-aging, and antioxidant-infused oils and creams like: coconut oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil.

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