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Grown up Problems

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The blond twin has a friend whose parents are getting a divorce. She came back from their house today in tears. It seems that her friend told the blond twin some terrible stories about what is happening between her parents. The blond twin came home with plans to help and concern for her friend.
On the one hand, I was proud of the blond twin. She saw a problem and came up with a way she could help. On the other hand, I was angry.
I understand the girls are teenagers now. I realize that we cannot protect them from things like their friends' parents getting divorced. I really do not think, though, that there was any reason for the blond twin needed to know every detail of her friend's parents divorce.
I have always lived by the belief that children do not need to carry the weight of grown-up problems. Today was a reminder that the girls are getting older, but they are still not old enough to deal with adult issues.

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