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Growing Pains

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
I’m 21, so I’m an adult, but a young adult. I’m not one of those youngsters who think they know everything. I am aware I have a lot to learn! Adulting is hard. Terrifying even, But I’m so excited to move out within the next year or so... I do not want to be a 30 year old still living at home (sorry to all those 30 year olds still living at home!). I love my parents I really do but I think when you get to my age you yearn for freedom.
To be eating what you want when you want. God help me because I cannot cook! My dad actually has a section of his Facebook account dedicated to my food disasters. To late nights and being able to drink a glass of Bailey’s without your mom asking why are you drinking that? Or to go out the door without your mom questioning your outfit choices ‘Hellie I really don’t think that zebra print and cowboy boots go together’.
The last few months I have been spent A LOT of time with my parents. But we made it through, it was a pain at time family will always be there. Family loves you even when you are a pain (which I am)! So here’s to growing pains! May I grow old disgracefully and wear zebra print to my heart's content.
Growing Pains
Now here’s a poem by me! Go hug someone you love... yes your cat counts!
Forgotten   I watched the blossoms float on the tree outside my front door. Like gorgeous space ships. This is where I live. In the present. I had forgotten how beautiful it was. The mystery, The drama, How basic our needs are when we look past the superficial. I had forgotten how strong I am. I watch the wind rustle the long grass that sits by the sea. I had forgotten that we dont need to be seen to be free. Forget-me-nots are brave are they not? For they grow every year in to the unknown And now it is your turn. To remember what you had forgotten. And grow.   Helena x Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook


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