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Grow Longer Hair and Achieve Your Desired Length

By Dusana Bozenkova
I love long hair, they represent feminine beauty and elegance. To me long hair are romantic, girly and sexy.  I think when a woman swings her hair it makes her more beautiful and attractive to men.
I'm trying to grow them now once again. My hair are wavy and grow very slowly, so I'm trying to do everything to help them and reach my desired length faster.
Tips for your hair to grow faster:
1.) Remember to trim your hair before your ends start to split. Just make sure that you tell your hairdresser you're growing your hair, so they will not cut too much.
2.) Drink plenty of water to help condition your hair. It really works, because water keeps your skin and hair hydrated.
3.) Eat a lot of protein, it makes hair stronger and healthy. What you can eat is lean meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, nuts and beans.
4.) Sushi is extremly high in protein and it helps hair to grow faster. Actually, sushi can do wonders for your hair, skin and heart.
5.) Green tea and cranberry juice promote hair growth. They keep your hair shiny and clear skin as they contain antioxidants.
6.) My favorite, Phyto hair vitamins. They are expensive, but I'm very pleased with these vitamins. My nails and hair grow stronger and faster.
7.) Head massage also promote hair growth. Massage your scalp to stimulate circulation to the follicles. When you massage your scalp, use a good oil. This can help prevent a dry scalp and also keep your hair better conditioned.
8.) Always use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles. Do not use a hair brush on wet hair.
9.) Before using a curling iron, make sure that your hair is completely dry.
10) Protect your hair from the sun. Heat and UV rays from the sun can leave your hair dull and brittle. Look for styling products with a built-in sun protection factor (SPF).
Follow these steps and you will notice stronger, smoother, long and healthy hair in no time.

Grow longer hair and achieve your desired length

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Grow longer hair and achieve your desired length

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