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Greenhouse Breather

By Alternativeeden @markngaz
Last weekend I decided to start bringing some of the plants from one of our greenhouses out into the open to start acclimatising them to outdoor conditions again. They have been crammed in there all winter, and now that its spring and and most of them are starting to show signs of new growth they could do with being repositioned or at least given more space.
Greenhouse Breather
The weather outside is warm enough that some of them should be fine to come out of the greenhouse. And that's exactly what I did, taking out some of the plants into the open and effectively also decongesting the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Breather

Winter weary Begonia luxurians. They had to come out so I could remove a few plants placed behind them.
Afterwards they went back in and will stay there for a few more weeks.

Some of these plants would have been fine outside anyway, and were meant to be planted this year but whilst they are in pots and we still had the space we thought that they might as well overwinter under glass to minimise blemishes come spring so they look nice already the moment they get planted out.

Greenhouse Breather

So impressed by this plant, Zantedeschia 'White Giant'. Looking forward to planting this one out soon!

Despite the warm spell, it's still early spring and the weather can be unpredictable so I can't take the majority out, they will have to stay there for a few more weeks. But by reducing the numbers slightly they get more space and room to lush out once they start their spring flushes. Plus it makes it much easier for me to tidy them up and do some watering!

Greenhouse Breather

That's better, a bit more space!

Anyone who loves plants wants a greenhouse, the bigger the better! Heck, if we had the space and resource then we'd want a glasshouse even! But for now an extra greenhouse would do, at least it will be a bit bigger than our existing ones which would mean more plants that can be accommodated.

Greenhouse Breather

Schefflera digitata with juvenile leaves

But before that we need to sort out the clay pile (see second photo) where that future greenhouse will go. Nothing is ever that straightforward eh!
Mark :-)

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