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Greener Is Kinder! How To Be Eco Friendly

By Peppertan


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Thankfully for the sake of the planet, people are becoming more and more eco friendly these days. We sort our trash into piles so it can be recycled, we donate our old clothes instead of throwing them away, and we try to cycle and walk instead of driving everywhere. But do you really do everything that you can for the environment? Here are some tips on how to get greener.

Use Recyclable Materials

It’s a great idea to go for materials that are recyclable – essentially, do your best to steer away from plastic and towards more natural substances like wood, metal and glass. If you want to purchase new furniture, consider going to a thrift store or learn more about antiques. A lot of older furniture is built to last more than flat pack stuff, so do your best to invest in some really great classic pieces that will last the test of time.

Use A Water Filter


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None of us should really be drinking bottled water. Admittedly it’s convenient and it often tastes better than water straight out of the tap, but unless there are problems with cleanliness or your water supply, you shouldn’t buy bottled water. It uses a lot of plastic that often doesn’t get recycled and the production and transportation of plastic bottles uses up fossil fuels. Invest in a water filter instead, which you can keep in your fridge, along with water bottles with inbuilt filters to carry around with you.

Get Green Fingered


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If you haven’t already, now is the time to get green fingered. Start growing your own fruits and vegetables – not only will they be healthy and taste incredible, but they’re also good for the environment because they won’t have been transported a long way. Do your bit to combat deforestation by using a tree planting service to get your garden greener.

Switch Your Light Bulbs


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If you’re one of those people who’s still using regular light bulbs, it’s time to change that immediately by switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, which last ten times longer and use only a quarter of the energy. Make sure that you switch off the light every time you leave a room and encourage your friends and family to do the same thing.

Insulate Your House

Reduce the cost to yourself and to the environment by insulating your house to make it warmer. This will both reduce your energy bill and help save the planet. Make sure your walls and roof are packed with insulation; if there’s a problem, buy more wadding from your local hardware store. Check for draughts around your doors and windows and use a draft excluder if you can feel a breeze coming through.

Go With Solar Energy


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Solar energy is truly sustainable, which means it’s excellent for the environment. It won’t ever run out as it’s taken from the sun, and it’ll help to decrease your energy bills. It’s a new, rising industry that’s constantly changing and thriving, and it could transform both your home and the amount of figures on your energy bill over a long period of time.

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