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Posted on the 29 December 2021 by Digeeman

Reclamet is an innovative company focused on providing quality used green parts for vehicles. We offer a vast range of used Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to help repair vehicles. We are committed to providing high standards in the recycled parts industry and ensuring only the highest quality part is sold to our customers.

What can going green mean for Insurers and their customers?

Sourcing and manufacturing new parts are expensive and tricky, especially for an older car. Using quality used parts, the cost to repair a vehicle comes down significantly, meaning a car can be repaired cheaply. It also means a new part won’t need to be manufactured, thus reducing extra production and waste to landfills. Safety is paramount, and no green parts are used when a safety-related part needs replacing.

Why choose Reclamet for green parts?

  • We make sure you get the correct part
  • Check that the part is in good condition
  • Save you £££ when compared to buying new parts
  • Convenient mail order or pick-up service
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Years of industry experience
  • Great reviews from customers
  • Easy to use Green Parts Form

Alternatively, call us: 01843 800 800

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) purpose is to ensure that companies are ethically conducting their business, considering their:

Environmental Impact – The company chooses the most negligible environmental impact and is accountable for day-to-day choices, such as recycling and energy/waste management. They might also push incentives down their supply chains or provide their customers with a greener solution—for example, a car insurance provider using green parts to repair a customer’s vehicle.

Social Betterment – Supporting their communities, staff and industry, working on topics such as diversity, inclusion, mental health and tackling the gender/skills gap in their sector.

Responsible Governance – Working with integrity, reflected in their business’s commitments to high standards, project management frameworks, code of conducts, strategic plans, practices and policies.

The above helps a company work towards a sustainable future, which include their:

  • Clients/Customers
  • Staff
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • Industry

Why does a business need CSR?

  • To gain better brand recognition
  • To increase sales & customer loyalty
  • To meet customers’ expectations
  • To attract, retain & maintain a happy workforce
  • To differentiate themselves from competitors
  • To win new business
  • To generate positive PR
  • To save money (i.e. operating & energy costs)

The majority of businesses will be doing some form of CSR, but unfortunately, it goes unnoticed a lot of the time. Usually, corporate social responsibility is brought to attention when they lose out on a tender or score low on a survey.

This is often because they couldn’t meet one of the following questions/criteria:

  1. What is your CSR strategy or policy?
  2. Does your business give something back?
  3.  How does your company work towards the UN Sustainability Development Goals 2030?

How can going green help?

The tender process and consumers put companies under ever-greater scrutiny regarding how they conduct their business. And for anyone who works in the automotive industry or operates their own fleet business, management and disposal are crucial to see how they ethically run their vehicle services. Our recycled green parts provide the repair industry with the means to source quality OEM used parts, meaning a new part won’t have to be manufactured, thus reducing extra production and waste to landfills.

Businesses that Reclamet supports:

Car Insurers – Using recycled green parts for customer repairs and placing any end of life vehicles with Reclamet Limited for recycling and disposal under strict environmental protection standards.

Fleet Solutions & Body shops/Repairers – Purchasing recycled green parts to repair customer/fleet vehicles, reducing waste to landfill and repeat production.

Going green wins you extra business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming the norm to enter a bid or tender application. More and more businesses request your CSR policy and plan to align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A great way to display this is through your supply chain. By ensuring you’re working with an ethically responsible business like Reclamet, you can add our activities to your CSR offer.

How can green parts help?

If your business aligns your CSR with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their targets, these are the goals Reclamet can help you work towards.

Decent economic & work growth – Diversify, upgrade and innovate for economic productivity- By using Reclamet to sell or purchase quality used OEM green parts, you are helping to achieve increased levels of economic productivity through innovation, diversification and technology.

Improve resource efficiency in production and consumption – Green parts will help your business contribute to global resource efficiency in production and consumption and separate environmental degradation from economic growth.

Industry, infrastructure & innovation – By incorporating our services into your infrastructure, we can increase your resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of environmentally sound products and processes.

Responsible production & consumption – Substantially reduces waste generation – Using green parts saves a new part from being manufactured. It is better than recycling. It reduces demand for precious resources and gives new purpose to good parts that would otherwise be discarded!

Responsible management of chemicals and waste – As part of our standards and environmental policy, we achieve environmentally sound management of all chemicals and waste throughout a vehicle’s end of life.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reclamet can help you align your corporate strategies with responsible governance, measuring the need for effective solutions with good business practice, robust environmental processes and supported social outcomes.

Use our contact form, whether you are a trade customer or an insurance company looking to use green parts.

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