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Green Buenos Aires

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Palermo A4 Green Buenos Aires

Every “barrio” the Buenos Aires  has a park, gardens or wonderful green squares where you can walk, jog or relax and enjoy the sunshine.

The enormous size of  Buenos Aires, the constant city tempo and grid-like blocks hide the fact that Buenos Aires City, has many green spaces. Buenos Aires is a surprisingly green city.

With the parks of Buenos Aires you can escape from the office or your apartment block to one of  many local parks and wonderful green squares (plazas) that provide an oasis and some respite from the frenetic pace of city life.

Porteños use the parks after work and weekends and you will find extended families grouping to take time out from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires city with their picnics and thermos, sat idling the day away sharing mate.

We detail some of our favorite Buenos Aires parks, gardens, squares and recreational spaces in Buenos Aires, where you can relax after studying Spanish:

Reserva Ecologia Costanera Sur

The city’s ecological reserve is one of the wildest and most natural parts of Buenos Aires. The reserve is home to hundreds of different bird species, lizards (they bite) and fauna and is protected duet its status as wetlands. This expansive park has trails and open spaces for joggers, walkers and bikers. Tourists can rent bicycles along the Costanera so take your identification. In addition, you get some wonderful photo opportunities of the city from the reserve.

Access the reserve by foot from any of the bridges in Puerto Madero.  During weekends, the park is often crowded with Porteños seeking out nature, but during the week, it is quiet and empty. Reserva Ecologia Costanera Sur Buenos Aires is a great place to bring the mate, a blanket and some snacks to spend a day pretending you are at the beach – that takes quite a bit of imagination. Along the Costanera, outside of the reserve, there are dozens of parillas (grills) and the food is good.

Bosques de Palermo

Bosques de Palermo is probably the most famous, largest and most beautiful parks he Buenos Aires, it is also one of  Buenos Aires’ busiest parks. Joggers, rollerbladers and cyclists compete for the pathways with walkers. Families with their children picnic and sunbathe. A small lake in the center of the park is picturesque and fun to paddle-boat or row. At the weekend, there is no end of musical and comedy entertainers and on Sunday morning is an outdoor market.

Jardin Botanico

Located in the quiet neighborhood of Palermo, the Botanical Garden of  Buenos Aires is a beautiful green area of 7 hectares along which you can see over 5,500 different plant species upon crossing the nice trails.

The Botanical Garden is composed of several gardens in different styles, including a Roman garden, a French garden, characterized by its symmetrical design and oriental style garden, where you can appreciate beautiful species native the Far East. One of the biggest attractions of the Botanical Garden are the five greenhouses in that shelter various species from warmer regions.

Among the green mantle that make up the different plants in the garden, you may find 33 works of art including sculptures, busts and monuments. The Botanical Garden of  Buenos Aires is a pleasant and care that is ideal to escape the hot summer days the capital of Argentina.

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