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Green Beer Day, I Miss You..

By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups
Green Beer Day, I miss you.. I attended one of the best schools in Ohio; Miami University. No, I haven't lost it... Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio, and The University of Miami is located in Miami, Florida. 
But I assure you, "the real Miami" ain't got nothin' on MY Miami...
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
Years ago, Miami students started the most amazing tradition; they planned their own "Green Beer Day" because school officials had scheduled spring break over St. Patrick's Day. Why you ask?  To avoid the chaos of students drinking copious amounts of green beer, acting a fool, and skipping class. 
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
Well, clearly that didn't stop us. 
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
Green Beer Day was one of my favorite traditions and I can assure you most Miami students will agree. 
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
It's always the Thursday before spring break. The bars open up at 5:30 a.m. which means a 3:30 a.m. wake up call, a 4:00 a.m. power hour, and a long day of drinking after that. Some people choose to celebrate at midnight, nap throughout the day, drink and go to class, skip class, etc. As long as you are drinking green beer, eating green eggs, and being merry, you're good.  
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
One of the best parts about this tradition? The shirts. Each year, different green shirts are sold to commemorate the special day. My shirts (which I still have) consisted of:
Green Beer Day, I miss you..
"Green Eggs and Beer" (Dr. Seuss themed)
Ode to the Green Beer Day hero (Budweiser commercial)
Witness: Just Drink It (Nike)
And my favorite...Dr!nk B!tch. 
Although these days are long gone, I had to reflect on some of the greatest moments in my college career. 
Green Beer Day, I miss you..Green Beer Day, I miss you..
Did your school have a tradition? This was ours.
 Love and Honor to my Miamians... and Happy Green Beer Day! 

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