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Greek Fishermen’s Soup

By Gourmet Food Lovers @PatraZeibeki

Greek Fishermen’s SoupKakavia is a soup that the fishermen in Greece cook. Kakavia is a very tasteful soup that is cooked on the fishing boats with simple ingredients and with a mixture of various fishes. Sometimes the old times the fishermen used to use sea instead of water for the cook but now it is better to use normal water.

Greek Fishermen’s Soup

Today I will cook kakavia with a fish that there is only in Mediterranean sea. It is a most flavoured fish with white flesh for soups. The fish called scorpionfish and you must be carefull if you want to prepare properly as it has thorns and if you injured by them you will swell

Greek Fishermen’s Soup

So lay back and read carefully the way that fishermen in Greece cook their food.

Greek Fishermen’s Soup



1 scorpionfish or various fishes for soup mixed

1 litter water

celery leaves

1 potato

1 tomato

1 onion

1 carrot

1 crougette

1/2 cup olive oli

salt, pepper

Greek Fishermen’s Soup


Clean up and pill the vegetables and prepare the fish. In a casserole add all the ingredients exept the fish. Bring to boil and let the vegetables cook in half in medium to slow fire. Add the fish and season the soup. Let all the ingredients cooked until tender. Take the vegetables and the fish out of the casserole and drain the broth.

Serve warm with lemon juice.

Good Luck!!!

Foto: Patra Zeibeki

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