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Greek Elections: La Lotta Continua

Posted on the 20 June 2012 by Cdnews


The New Democracy

After an unprecedented campaign of scaremongering, blackmail and threats against Syriza by German, European and IMF officials, the pro-bailout party of New Democracy won the electoral contest 29, 7%. Syriza came second 26, 9%, PASOK failed once more to convince the Greek electoral public and was third (12, 3%). The Independent Greeks (a new liberal party) emerged once again in the fourth place 7, 5 %, the Democratic Left Party came sixth 6, 3% and the traditional Communist party (KKE) failed to the seventh place 4, 5%. However, the Golden Dawn (neo -nazi/ fascist party) manage to increase its percentage and came to the fifth place 6, 9%. The fact that the Golden Dawn increased its power shows that the crisis is more than financial; is basically a social and moral one.

The political map in Greece changed only technically (in terms of percentages). The political message remained the same: Greeks have realized that the austerity measures that “promote” poverty and national humiliation have failed. Syriza is still powerful and its role will be extremely important in the near future. But what led New Democracy to a victory? The last two weeks (prior to the elections day) Greeks had to make voting decision within an untold campaign of threats and blackmail. I do believe that our “friends” (Germans, European and IMF officials) had a strong ally towards this effort: the public and the private mass media. The propaganda against Syriza had as a result people over 55 years old to get panicked and vote New Democracy in order to secure (?) their pensions of 300 Euros. Thus, Angela Merkel is the real winner of the Greek elections.

But will this government last? I doubt it. It is probably that tomorrow (20 June 2012) Greece will have a coalition government formed by New Democracy party, PASOK and the Democratic Left party. The word “renegotiate” was New Democracy’s slogan for the elections’ period which was replaced by the phrase “we will totally respect our commitments according to the memorandum”!!!!! How fast a political and social prospect changes? The Greek coalition government will not renegotiate because it never intended to do it. Additional austerity measures will be imposed with more taxation and wage cuts and more borrowing.  By other means, a vicious circle of debt proliferation, unemployment and GDP contraction.

On the other hand, Syriza will be attracting more and more social support, further eroding the class base of PASOK and ND. There is no doubt that the campaign of blackmail and threats will continue against Syriza. However, the political map in Greecehas already changed including the radical left/Syriza which, by the way, increased its power during the second round on 17th June. Syriza is the only one who is capable of looking our German partners in the eye and not blinking for a few minutes. Europe may have got its wish this weekend but Syriza has already created solidarity networks and popular assemblies across the country. If we would like to assess the results of the Greek elections, we could simply say: LA LOTTA CONTINUA!

Written by

Sofia Tekidou

Phd candidate in International Relations

Keele University-UK


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