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Great Wines Under $10

By Hoppingrapes @HoppinGrapes

Great Wines Under $10Great Wines Under $10.  Why pay upwards of $40 (or much more) for a wine that you may not like?  We have tasted quite a few wines costing more than $40 and can tell you, without a doubt, that there are plenty of wines at or below $10, with the same complexity in taste, and a more delicious value!

Want to learn more about types of wines and how to figure out what you like? Click Here!  If you already know what wine types you like, keep reading!Great Reds.  For great wines under $10 reds, we have a few that we really love for great value, full flavor and light on the pocket.  Take a look at the grape of your choice and see what we suggest.Merlot. Hands down our favorite using this great grape is the 14 Hands Merlot.  Although 14 Hands also makes a red blend, we have found the Merlot is the favorite of the two and we don’t really like Merlot

Carmenere.  Although imported from Chile, there are several really good Carmenere wines to choose from.  We like just about all of them.  Looks like we will have to sample some more and find a good one to post on here.  Check back soon for updates.Cabernet Sauvignon.  We like Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington State most of all.  The 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon has our recommendation.  Some people really love “Cabs” from Cali, and those people can look elsewhere for $10 Cali cabs, since we haven’t found any we really like, at all. Look at it this way - Dunkin Donuts coffee beats out Starbuck in blind taste tests, yet people will still drink Starbucks, because they are brand loyal or just accustomed to crap coffee at expensive prices.  The same can be said of Cali cabs.  While some Cali cabs can be lovely, we recommend that people branch out and try some wines from regions other than the Napa valley. Shiraz.  Once we find a nice Shiraz for cheap, we will update this post!Red Blends.  Red Blend great wines under $10 are numerous.  Contrary to the Cali cab statements above, we love the Cali red blends.  There are three wine favorites in this category.  Affectionately called the “rooster wine” in our closest circles, the Rex-Goliath Giant 47 pound rooster wine is cheap in price yet full in flavor.  Another favorite is Ménage e Trois red blend.  The perfect marriage of price, flavor, and wine ordering humor.Awesome Whites.  We do not like dry whites (low sugar) and do not like overly sweet whites either.  So we decided to showcase a few whites that we do enjoy at a very reasonable price.Riesling.  Usually a very sweet almost syrup-like wine, we found a great wine under $10 in the Shine Riesling bottle.  Available at Taste Unlimited, this was one of our favorites.Moscato.  Popular with the rap music industry lately, this variety is like a low cost, slightly bubbly white wine, with just enough sweet to make our tongue happy.  Look on the shelves of any grocery store (in states allowed to sell wine in grocery stores) and you will see a large variety of Moscato wines for under $10.The rest of the whites.  There are likely several white wines that are great wines for under $10.  However, we do not drink that many whites to give you a good recommendation on white wines.  Besides, we haven’t seen that many white wines for over $10.  Usually the production time and process make whites plentiful and low priced. Rose to Love.  Although this is not our favorite category, our sole favorite is Ménage e Trois rose.  Other considerations.  Factors like growing seasons and wine age can affect taste.  We have found that we like the 2008 Menage e Trois more than the 2009, but we still love almost everything coming out of the Menage e Trois maker Folie a deux vineyards these days.Also, we cannot guarantee the prices of the wines selected for this story.  Wines vary in price by region, market conditions, and retail mark-up.  What we have chosen are wines we have found in the past at or below $10.  You can sometimes find better deals by buying wine by the case, buying while on sale, or through winemaker rebates.  Check all of the available options, and prices, before sending us hate mail.Don’t see your favorite grape or wine showcased here?  Comment below and we will do our best to find a good bottle at a reasonable price. 

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