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Why I Hate White Zinfandel

By Hoppingrapes @HoppinGrapes
Why I Hate White ZinfandelWhy I Hate White Zinfandel

   I’m going to come right out and say it.  I have a straight up hatred for White Zinfandel.  Part of it is something that I feel deep in my soul.  My soul says that I must react vehemently against White Zinfandel and avenge the greatness of Zinfandel.   Actually, that’s probably most of it.   However, because I try to be a rational person, here are some facts about why you should also hate White Zinfandel (or maybe they will make you embrace it even more).     Before I get hate mail, some people truly enjoy White Zinfandel.  It tends to be an easy, sweet, pretty drink that many people love.   I will be the first person to say drink what you like!  I just want to explain my personal biases.   For me, White Zinfandel is often made with grapes that really aren’t of the quality that wine grapes should be.   I believe that many manufacturers (notice I said manufacturers and not winemakers) use grapes that normally would have been trashed to make this wine, because they know that the sweetness will mask any problems with the actual grapes.   Ultimately, many times White Zinfandel is a “cheap” wine that is being pushed on consumers.   I don’t care that the wine is sweet or an “entry” wine, I care that I feel consumers aren’t getting the product that they deserve.    White Zinfandel, as most people know it, came about in the mid-1970’s.   Bob Trinchero, a winemaker in California, tried to make his Amador county Zinfandel more robust.   Somewhere along the line, he made a mistake in fermenting their regular Zinfandel and a light, sweet, pink wine occurred.   Ultimately, he had taken over the Sutter Home Estate and started producing the wine under that label.  By the 80’s, it became America’s most consumed wine.  (https://www.fsrmagazine.com/wine/white-zinfandel-born-accident-still-going-strong?)

   Lately, its popularity is starting to wane and Moscato is stepping up to the plate.   It doesn’t make me dislike White Zinfandel any less, but it does make me laugh a little.  Ultimately, drink what makes you happy! You won’t find any “sweet-shaming” at Hoppin’ Grapes.  We want you to enjoy your wine, your company and your day.  Just note that if you ask me why we don’t carry White Zinfandel, you might get a tirade. 

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