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Great Tips And Ideas For A Clearer Skin

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa
Great Tips And Ideas For A Clearer Skin

Clearer skin for many of us is an elusive thing, however, these tips are here to help you achieve it.

1. Clear Skin Diet

You may have heard of the phrase, 'you are what you eat.' Whatever you put in your stomach reflects in your body in many ways. Having the right foods (well-balanced meals) helps provide the body with the essential nutrients needed for a healthy skin and bones. These nutrients are also needed to help repair damaged tissues, generate new cells, produce enzymes, proteins, and mend collagen. Discussed below are a few tips on how to use foods for a smooth, clear skin.

A. Focus more on fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Berries and citrus fruits do contain antioxidants which inhibit the aging process naturally.

B. Avoid drug abuse, smoking, and alcohol as much as possible. These habits cause damage to skin cells leading to premature aging signs.

2. Keep the skin hydrated all the time

In addition to the skin is the largest body organ, it is also the only organ exposed to external factors. This leaves it more vulnerable to adverse conditions, drying and flaking included. Keeping the skin hydrated at all times, however, helps it overcome most of these by expunging toxins from the body. The only recommended method that helps the skin remain hydrated is taking plenty of water. Drink at least eight glasses of water for clearer skin.

Drinking enough water keeps skin cells well hydrated - this helps prevent skin conditions and especially acne. Tea, soda, coffee and any fizzy drinks shouldn't be taken instead of water. These only dehydrate the skin instead of hydrating it.

Great Tips And Ideas For A Clearer Skin

3. Exercise, then wash your face

Regular body exercise not only helps keep your weight in check but also stimulates increased blood flow to all parts of the body - especially the skin. Body exercise also causes perspiration, a process that helps open up skin pores when we sweat.

Sweating plays an important role in removing toxic compounds from skin pores. Be sure to wash off the sweat with cold water, or take a shower immediately after exercising to wash away the toxins. Exercising regularly also helps keep hormones in check particularly during the teenage stage. This reduces chances of getting skin infection, acne, and spots during the adolescent stage.

4. Don't sleep with makeup on

Makeup tends to clog skin pores making perspiration almost impossible. Removing makeup when you get home, or just before going to bed allows the skin to breathe. This allows the skin to get rid of excess oils, sebum, and toxins. has some good advice on cleaning your face.

Great Tips And Ideas For A Clearer Skin

5. Get enough sleep

Enough sleep is also needed to help body/skin cells to recuperate. It would also be advisable to sleep on a soft, comfortable bed to avoid straining the skin. It is when you sleep comfortably that the skin regenerates properly. For a clear skin, consider:

A. Changing pillow covers weekly - dead skin, saliva, oil, and dirt can build up on pillow covers if used for too long. Such can cause skin irritation or even an acne breakout. Be sure to change to fresh, clean ones every week.

B. Wear a headband: The headband should help keep hairs from touching your face, and even keep them intact. This reduces chances of getting an acne as well.

6. Follow proper skin hygiene

Make it a habit of washing your face (with pure water) each time you wake up and just before retiring to bed. This prevents bacteria and oil buildup making your skin appear clearer. To do this, consider:

A. Wash your hands clean before touching your face. This reduces chances of transferring bacteria to your face. It is proper hygiene too.

B. Do not rub your face too hard or use a rough washcloth. Always go for the softest face cloth or a gentle cleanser to wash your face.

C. Those with oily skin should consider using a toner too.

D. Use a moisturizer if you have dry skin: Moisturizers help keep the skin soft, hence should be used alongside drinking plenty of water. Some of the best moisturizers contain essential oils to facilitate the same.


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