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By Jlynnspeaks @jlynnspeaks


[Express tank, American Eagle cardigan, Banana Republic jean capris, Nine West flats, handmade necklace, white iPhone 4 with Incipio case]

This week's going slow because boyfriend and I work opposite shifts almost all week.  Since I'm constrained in rather boring suits all day, I instantly want warmth and comfort (and low side ponytails) when I get home.  Perfect for getting pizza (a twice-a-week college habit we will not break).



A sweet little story:


Several years ago, my grandmother made me this necklace.  She gave my sister and I a couple necklaces and bracelets, and told us how she made them.  Even though I was still very young, I remember being old enough to want to remember that moment, because I knew it was special... like a first date or graduation.  It was in the air.  She told us how she carefully collected the seeds, dried them, drilled tiny holes in each side, and matched them up according to size before painting, varnishing, and stringing them - all individually by hand.

When I was a freshman in college, I went home for the weekend early after she went into the hospital.  Late that Saturday night, I left and went to my house to take a shower.  Mom called and I heard her tell me through tears that she had passed.  Before I went back to the hospital, I pulled apart every jewelry box in my house looking for the one necklace that was still in tact, and that I rarely wore.  Now, I spend all day surrounded by beautiful metals and stones - yet place more value on this one of seeds and elastic.

Beauty comes in many forms.

Have an inspiring Wednesday.


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