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Grappling with Concept of Time

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Looks like the concept on time is completely lost on me. I do not mean time as hours-and-minutes but instead in big chunks. For example -   - I am 35 but I keep thinking I am 38 and telling people I will soon be 40! - We moved to Maryland in 2014 but I keep thinking we have been here for at at least 5 years. - I have been married for over a decade, but I feel it has only been a few years. - I got back from Peru just about a fortnight back but it feels like months ago - Things that happened long time ago feel like yesterday  You catch my drift? Is it just me? The the concept of time get blurry for other people too? I have always wondered why that is ...? Why do some instances feel closer and others farther while the reality is opposite? So many questions ... and no energy to google! Ha :) 
[ Related - So Long Texas In other news ... the winter is here and with each passing year I am getting more accustomed to the drop in temperatures. Having a brand new wardrobe for the season helps too! Winter Look Nordstrom Winter Look Nordstrom Winter Look Nordstrom Winter Look Nordstrom Winter Look Nordstrom Winter Look Nordstrom Location - Foggy Bottom, D.C.  Sweater - Nordstrom // Same Jeans - Joe's // Same Boots - Timberland // Same Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs // Same Shawl - From India // Another 

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